How is the Nastran SOL 200 Web App accessed?

Access to the web app requires a purchase via PayPal. Below are more details regarding the purchasing process.

What is the price and how long is access?

Price: $30.00 USD

Access Period: 30 Days

What is included?

  • Web App Access - After purchase, you will be provided a link to the Nastran SOL 200 Web App. Example: The link remains accessible for 30 days. After this period, the link and web app are inaccessible.
  • Technical Support - In the event errors are encountered during the use of the web app or Nastran SOL 200, technical support is included.
  • Mentorship - If you need guidance on how to best leverage optimization, an optimization expert is available to answer your questions.

Supported Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome (v56.0.2924 - Present)
  • Mozilla Firefox (v63.0.3 - Present)

Steps to Purchase

Purchase is done via PayPal, the safer, easier way to pay. The purchase may be done as a guest, with a credit or debit card, or with an existing PayPal account. Please forward purchase inquiries to: christian@

Step 1 - Click the PayPal Button
Step 2 - Log into PayPal or Continue as Guest
Step 3 - Confirm the Payment Method and click Pay Now
Step 4 - Review the Payment Confirmation

After purchase, The Engineering Lab will be notified and your access will be configured. You will receive an email with your link to the Nastran SOL 200 Web Link within 24 hours.

Please contact christian@ if you have any questions.

Step 5 - Access the Web App

Once your access is configured, typically within 24 hours after purchase, you will be emailed a unique link to the web app. To access the web app, simply use a supported web browser and navigate to the given link. Here is an example link: Your link will be different.

Tip for New Users: The main starting page contains a link to the User's Guide and dozens of PDF and video tutorials for Nastran SOL 200.

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Purchase with PayPal

Purchase Inquiries? Contact: christian@